Music theory online games

music theory online games

Music Tech Teacher Music Quizzes, Games, Puzzles, Music Theory. Our site If you can't see the Flash games on phones/tablets, try the free Puffin browser. ‎ Note Name Invaders · ‎ Mighty Music Man 1 - Piano · ‎ Pianos · ‎ Lines and Spaces. Our lessons are provided online for free. If they help you, please purchase our apps to support the site. Theory Lessons for iOS. Enhanced offline versions of our   ‎ The Staff, Clefs, and Ledger · ‎ Note Duration · ‎ The Major Scale · ‎ The Minor Scales. Ear Training and Music Theory for all musicians. Train your ear with fun music games ; Sharpen your sense of pitch and tone; Unlock the . Version contains one new game - Flash Cadences - along with miscellaneous bug fixes. August 13, at 7: Select the ice cream scoop that represents the single note. You may also pick up some ideas for new sounds as you hear some of the more unusual and exotic instruments. So I was just Googling for online music theory lessons, and I found your site. One that I have found that I really like is AURALBOOK. One of the keys to recognizing melodies by ear is to be so familiar with the major and minor scales that you can sing any degree of the scale without having to stop and think.

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Keys, Scales, and the Concept of "Tonal Center"

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Root Position Triads Progressions I: Jump start your plan to teach, reach, and love those around you with weekly doses of encouragement and this exclusive FREE e-book: Can you quickly find the roots and other tones that make up the chords you hear? THE GIST OF IT - A clef-less staff displays notes which a student must find by direction and interval on a lollipop "keyboard". MUSIC TECH TEACHER Music Tech Teacher was set up and created by music tutor Karen Garrett who wanted to utilize technology in her work. I am grateful, and I'll pass on your site's name to the Music teacher in our local high school. August 10, at 2: With a few clicks you can assign a lesson that students can play at home and track their weekly progress. The phrases start simple dresscode casino gradually build in speed and complexity. BASEBALL THE GIST OF IT - Hit the baseball by clicking the correct note on the keyboard. LADYBUG THE GIST OF IT - To help the ladybug jump to a floating target, the player listens to an interval and identifies it. Note Identification Identify the displayed note. I've grown as a teacher these last 6 months, and have strengthened my skills in areas like ear-training If the player correctly identifies the note value, the coin drops in the bank; if not, it slides off the screen. Like the iOS app, this update includes 41 games, including the recently released Tonic Finder. Our lessons are provided online for free. It will develop your ability to 'look ahead' a few beats while you are playing in order to see and prepare for what is coming. It helps my students Theta Music has some very interesting ear training games that I have to admit are pretty awesome as well. Free Music Book from dlp! I've only completed one lesson so far, and I'm already very impressed. Jump start your plan to teach, reach, and love those around you with weekly doses of encouragement and this exclusive FREE e-book:

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